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Tony Rutherford

Ken.....harassment of 399 and her cubs?

Very special. Great share.

Kenneth Barrick.....interesting perspective. What percentage of visitors currently are foreign? Why are Americans excluded? When I've visited I've noticed a number of people that didn't look or speak like me......but I couldn't be sure they weren't American citizens. So how would you enfo…

Well written Mike.....made me feel like I was there. Liked the fact that he took responsibility for the situation.

I have to wonder if it would have been different if he had been guiding a client, and that client killed the wolf? Two miles into the park and he never realized where he was? I'm convinced once he began tracking the pack.....where he was didn't really matter? Kind of odd that guides and o…

Ken....you have access to info that I don't. If they are abusing the law then they need to be called out on it. But the thought of "Equal Justice" is pretty enticing. If we consider the opposite it would have to be "Unequal Justice"? Maybe this law has some redeeming value? Imagine.....sa…

Ken....your post is really interesting. Doesn't the Equal Justice Act provide for the reimbursement of attorney fees for the prevailing party regardless of whether that party is a government agency or not? So, if this is true....when a group like Earth Justice loses a case they would pay …

No way this could be......a bunch of group representatives with a variety of interests meeting, and compromising in an effort to protect wildlife migration routes? Way to go Wyoming.....thanks for setting positive examples for others to follow.

Of course, in VA we don't have the landscape, nor the snow......but we have plenty of yotes. With absolute confidence I'd state that VA's general assembly would shut this down in a heartbeat. And it wouldn't matter if there were any known cases in the state.....just the potential of it ha…

VATRUTH commented on Union Pass griz conflicts sag

At the article's reimbursement rate.....ranchers would appear to be better off when a calf is killed by a grizzly than what they would be if taken to market?

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