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Wayne Grim

Amen Steve. Although you did not make it clear enough the trend toward Socialism continues and is the first step to Communism as described by Nikita Khrushchev. Our local government is proof positive in that they try to buy votes with freebies. Government stepping outside the Constitution…

It would be heartwarming to hear elected officials adamantly say they support the Constitution %100 and then live up to their Oath of Office.

Brue, are there any restaurants that have Senior Menus? Smaller servings and smaller price. Something to write about, don't cha think?

Let me ask if I have this straight? We pay taxes to the Town, County, State, and Federal Government. That's four taxes. Then our taxes are controlled by an UN-elected Board and the taxpayer has no control?

Quick, quick....somebody tell me what business I can start and sell to the taxpayer for MILLIONS!

Wayne commented on Cover your kill


Your editorial concerning "Sensitivities" reminded me of so many things the Snowflakes are sensitive to. But who really cares? The answer is simple: Snowflakes! The rest of us who believe in America and freedom really don't sensitively give a darn about tho…

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