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The following Codes I have looked up are not suggestions.

18 USC § 24, 242, 245, 247 (a)(2), 1824, and 12181. If we bring the Constitution into it there is: 1st, 5th , 9th, and 14th Amendments.

Then there is the Americans For Disability Act (ADA) and Health Insurance Portabili…

Wayne commented on EDITORIAL: Hats off to Cheney

I do not understand why she holds a grudge against Trump who is no longer in office. Does she know something the rest of us should know?

Why would anyone want to eat outside by a busy street with all the dust from the cars flying around?

Paul, how much money would town and county save if they got rid of all the charity programs? ie. Start Bus, Snow King Center, Pathways, Rec Center to name a few. These are supposed to be pay for play businesses. When the government provides them it is a charity because it does not legally…

Does anyone know what the exit plan is?

United States Attorney General William Barr issued the following April 27, 2020 Memorandum to the Assistant Attorney General and to All United States Attorneys, Balancing Public Safety with the Preservation of Civil Rights. 

“I am directing each of our United States Attorneys to als…

This is plain and simple Constitutional Rights violations and that's just for starters. One of many others is the HIPPA of 1996.

The more people who get the virus now the fewer people who will get it next winter because of herd immunity. How do we rank nationwide with only one virus related death?

Wayne commented on Town passes mask resolution

I thought I was in charge of my health. Now the elected officials have taken over my

health with no credentials to show us.

They were paid throughout this so-called pandemic while common workers had to struggle. If this would have been ignored from the beginning the totals wou…

Molly, When I read that "All Lives Matter" was racist I woke. With new eyes I now see that we are nothing more than conscious beings temporarily occupying a human body. That makes us all the same.

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