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Eugene Kiedrowski

They won't be happy till our country is a third world oligarchy with the land ruined and the wildlife eliminated or locked up for their personal play.

Is this a news story or free advert? And really, how concerned should us mere mortals have for the owners.

YNPfotog commented on Signal bear closure lifts

There has to be some accountability for these people feeding wildlife and also for those that approach without caution. Bears and other wildlife are going to be way stressed this year due to forage availability and this may happen more often if actions are not taken to deter guests from t…

How many times have you been driving through the two parks and looked up and seen a car coming at you in your lane? Happens to me way to much, so sad it resulted in this.

So nice to read some happy news for a change.

Outfitters should be forced to have life insurance on their employees and the family shouldn't have to worry about their immediate finances. What about workman's comp in this situation. The outfitters were sure to profit off this guy's hard work and he was probably there for the tips and a w…

50% of all people that attempt to protect themselves from grizzly bear attacks with a firearm were injured. Those that used pepper spray “escaped injury most of the time”, and if they were attacked, their injuries were less serious and the attacks did not last as long.

Now we have a de…

Judge should award him one dollar that's all this scumbag's reputation is worth.