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Tonight is your chance to see four high school boys leave it all on the stage, including some pine needles, in the annual Mr. Christmas Tree pageant, which starts at 7 p.m. tonight at the Pink…

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Valley Bookstore has an award winner in its ranks. James Patterson, the bestselling author, has selected Karilyn Brodell, who works at the downtown bookseller, as part of the James Patterson H…

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Bear, shed rules eyed

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has opened a comment period to gather input on draft changes to its black bear hunting regulations and the rules about gathering shed antlers.

“Mom, he hit me!”

“Dad, she knocked over my blocks!”

“She’s calling me names.” “He’s sitting too close to me.” “She’s wearing my favorite shirt.”

It’s that time of year when many folks feeling their most generous. For animal lovers, helping an animal in need can seem like the perfect gesture. But is the giving time of year a good time to bring a new dog home?

Former National Park Service Superintendent and longtime Jackson resident John M. Good died …