First-grade teachers in Teton County School District No. 1 help Santa and the News&Guide each year by collecting letters to the North Pole. Some include last names, some don’t. Some are legible, others not so much. Ho ho ho!

Davey Jackson Elementary

Mrs. Jo Bogen

Dear Santa,

Am I on the good list? I want a asttrit on Hoth and some twistables and u-wing a star wars ship. How are the raindeere doing? Thack you.

From, Waylon Beck

Dear Santa,

My name is Kristen. How are you doweing today I’v been good for Christmas can I please have two pupes and ten pupes in my pokits. May I ples have a necklace and a ring. Can I also have a stuff anml cheto too.

From, Kristen Bland

Hello Saint Nick,

I’m leaveing for Christmas. I’m going to New York. Can I please have six huskees. And a Washington jersey. And a Washington helmet. And a dog sled. A Washington Huskies stuffed animal. I will leave carrots out next to the milk.

Sincerely, Finn Cameron

Dear Santa,

Hi my name is Avery. I am 6 years old. Please can I have a American dol care with kit’s bed may I have some matching cloths. May I have a nuther American dol. Have a safe trip.

Sincerely, Avery Freeland

Dear Santa,

How are you and ther rindeer? Please bring me a lego spiderman and a legos I-r man. I want a game. I want a legos batman. I want a legos captin America sivl war. Thank you.

Your friend, Jake Garcia Tzompa

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa my name is Israel. Please bring me a game and minecraft game. Do you like cookies.

From, Israel Garcia Vazquez

Dear Santa,

How are you and the elfs? Please give me one robot and a computer and one box of legos. How are you? Are your elfs nis? I will leave you som cuces on a plate. Have a good ride.

From, Joshua Gongora Vazquez

Hi Santa,

My name is Audrey. I am six yers old. I mite lev you kerits on the sters for the rander to eat. Can I have a jole box with a balrena that sings when I opin it and a sprise ples Santa. Staye worm.

From, Audrey Hunt

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all of the presents last year. I hope you have a safe trip and a merry Christmas this year! I will leave cookies and milk. I will also leave carrots for your raindeer. I have been very good this year. I want a glow Pad a rainbow light and a big stufft animal hamick. Thank you.

Sincerely, Cadence Johnson

Dear Santa,

How are you dooeng Santa? I wud like a stuft snake for Chrismis. Please bring me a stufft Santa and stuft Clifrd. I wud like a rooler and a shing shot and a hors and a book. Biy Santa.

Sincerely, Fiona Morris

Dear Santa,

How are you and the reindeer and elf? Does your elf take care of your reindeers Please give me a bear and ironman spdirmon I wot a legos capin America. Please take car of your elves.

From Justin Rubio

Dear Saint Nick,

Hi I am Dane. Am I on the good list? How are you? I want Fred to live with me. I will leve milk and coocys and I will leve carits for the rineder. Ples can I have a lego treehowse set and a lego BB-8. Have a good trip.

Sincerely, Dane Stanley

Dear Santa,

Hi my name is Ben. I’m 6 years old. How are you doing? Am I on the good list? I want a lego football and a football and a Seattle football. I will leave cookies and hot chocho late and carats for the raindeer. I like raindeer. Have a safe trip.

Sincerely, Ben VanZanten

Ms. Jennifer Fischer

To Santu

Plez can I Hav a xBox an a Lego? I Hav Ben a litul Bad. I liisiN To MI MoM. Can I Hav a Pet Hastr?

Fru Ozzy

Dear Santa,

I Have been a a little rude to muy parents but I am triing to do my best. Can I Please have a coton candy maker and can I Ples have a Smart watch

P.S. How are you doing?! and how are the elf doing!?!!!!! How did roodoph get his red nose?!!! Id roodoph geting along?!!!!!

Your little freind, Daniela

Dear Santa,

Fu Cisms Ken I pes hav cif jupr. And ay exbox. And IeGIs. And sanD. And KDiSLS. And trfos LeGLs. I Be nis. Ylor my Fin.

Luve Giovanni

Sear santa

Is tar such as roodoth? Can i ples Have a my frend pecuchwo becus I Have ben nice to al of my clasmats.

Sensyle, Mason Ayling

Dear Santa

Haw is roDof and yare uthor randers. I am a Litol rodd To my Parins. Can I Ples Have a contincand makor and can I ples Have a smortt woche. But I am Nice to My Frense.

Sinselis, Colbie Singleton

Sear Santa

Can I have a Banana and I was Pete the cat Pooks and my sister wants a Pet Hamster! And Santa How do the Raindeers fly. We will Like our Resints please.

Your Friend, Sophia

Dear Santa

I love you so so much. I have bin a litt rude too. Can I Please have a Zoomer kitte please an Can I have a toy rudolph that tallks an has a very shine nose. I love youer ranaders. I lesenne too my techer. Can I Please have a mogee.

P.S. hiy Santa it Jamarla that you met

Dear Santa

I have ben a little rude to mi mom and dad sory. Can I Plese have a xbokse 3 plese and a naboo star fird plese and a x wing plese.

Yoor Frend, Nico

Dear Santa,

How are the randeer. I have bin nies to my frens but I haven’t mad the best choes but I am trieing to make beder choes. Plees mae I have three donkeys. Plees mae I have two alpacus and two llamus.

Your frend, Ryder

Dear Santa,

Are you owe kaye and rooDof. Santa can I have a Exbox plees becs I chride to be good to My faMee.

Your Friend, Matthew

Dear Santa,

May I Plese have Peink Dreshis? May I PLeese have A toewe rooDolF? May I Plees have eerings? May I PLees have cadee? I have Bin nise to my sistr. I have Bin sLeeping with my sistr.

Your FrenD, Amiya

Dear Santa,

May I hafve a Swis army Pocet nife and a Pedomter. last I want a 29 In monten bike. But I have ben a little rude at my sisters. I have chring to do my best.

Your little frened, Otto

Dear Santa.

Ples can I Hav a x Box? I havin olwase teling the thoos. Ples can I Have a noo lePeFrog wut has noo ganems? the lePeFrog is not wrking tHat gud? I Wud give uoo presint if ime awake!!!!!

Santas litl Muchcin, Mak

Dear Santa,

Can I please have a sufey yo kui blasseyon and a to you kiu whach becus I Triy to owes say please and Thank you. How are The elFs dowing? You are The best Santaclas in The wrld.

Your Munchgin, Caitlin

Ms. Meredith Huggins

Der Santu

i Love are elf. Hal do you fliy yor slay? mai i plez hav a Nrfgun? I have clend up miy bedrum. Thank you

Love, Ridge Stradley

Drer Santa

I like my elf montee hao do you snek in my hats wen is your brthda? Mai i Please have a pipe Please and a cat Please I have ben Sharen my toes I love you

Thank you! Vienna Sanchez

Der sata,

I like you sled! How can you dlivr presns in 1 nit? Mai I Please have a Big haos that has everything just like a rel has? I Ben a gud grl this seven becus I dun my chors. I luv you

Your gud grl, Lupita Cervantes Sanchez!

Saer Santa

I love Cresms!!!!!! how Do you Get in my Chimnee. may I plese have a PuPPy For Cresmas. I am rily kind at school and rily nise at school. Thank you Santa I also Like your rander

your Frend, Taylor Dalebout

Dear santa,

you are awesome! why do you ride a slay? may I please have a irn man arm beacues i help my mom cook dinner! Thangk you.

Your frind, Henry Yetter

Dere santa

I Love your randyrs. how do you fliy your sled? May I Plees have a rel rat. I have bin nis to my sistr. Thank you

Your frend, Yaretzi Perez

Dear Santa

I like you. when is your BirthDay? Mai I Please have a Flipsy. I have cleand all of My Bruthrs drdeay cloths thank you Santa

Love, Cole Hansen

Dear Santa,

It is awesome thet you chravl in one niet. why do you chravl at niet. May I please have a now book it is cold fantastick bests. I have wrckd hard at scool. Thack you santa.

your firend, Beckett Harland

Der santa

I like roodof. How Do your elfs make Presins in 1 Day? Mai I haf a ril kids cor I have helpt mi mom with chors Thank you

yor frend, Bailey Vonkrosigk

Dear Santa

I like your raindeer Pets. How did you Dlivr Presins. May I Please Have a PuPe Dog. Iv ben a Good Bruthr to my litle BruThr Thank you

your Friend, Eli Johnson

Dear santa

I Like that you giv our Prezints. How duz yoer slae fly? May i Please Have 1… or 2… or 3… or 4… video games i’v been riley Good Thangk you

yoer frend, Coby Morgan

Dear santa

I Like Your rander How did your stumik git That big. May I Please hav nom noms. I have ben nise to My Grama. Thank you four nom noms.

Love, Harper Karn

Dear Santa

You are the best Santa. How do you clime the chimney. Mai I please have 3.0 wii with the characters and controls. I have been nice to my brother.

your friend, Austin Day

Der Santa

I like yore raders May I please hav a hamstr Wen wus crismis borwn? I hav bin gud to my mom

Yore frend, Melissa Morales

Der Santa

I like your rendr. How do you giv the sled? may I Please hav goldn shos and goldn motrsicl? I help mi mom and mi sistr.

yor frend, Rey Corona

Ms. Ellery Leeds

Dear Santa,

I hope you and the elfs are doing well. We have an elf named Salle Sparcls. For Christmas I wuld Like an hachaml. Happy Christmas.

Love, Connor

Dear Santa,

I wish you have a good Christmas. I know you are going to have a good Snowy day. I want a wood owl.

Love, Soleil

Dear Santa,

How are you? Hope you are happy I want a tablet please! I am being responsible.

Thank you!

Love, Michelle

Dear Santa,

How are you? I play owtside with my friends. I would like Pirate Legos. I love them.

Thank you so much!

Love, Ramon

Dear Santa,

I hope you and Mrs. Claus are dowing wel. What I want for Christmas is a remote chrel light pink punch buge.

Love Rylie

Dear Santa,

I hope you and your elves ar having a grate Christmas. What I want for Christmas is a remote control Grave Digger. Marry Christmas!

Love, Porter.

Dear Santa,

I hope you and the elves had a good year. We have a elve named Sallee Sparculs! I want the ultra stefrater please.

Love, Emmett

Dear Santa,

I hope you and the Elves are Happy! I want a Barbie car that is pike.

Love, Ama

Dear Santa,

I hope you and the elves are doing good! We have a elf in our class room! What I want for Christmas is a dollhouse and a puppy.

You friend, Madison

Dear Santa,

I love your elves we have on in are class to. Her name is Sally Sparcl. I woude like an American Girl doll.

Love Gracie

Dear Santa

I hope you and the elves are happy. We have a elve in our classroom. I want a draing kit.

Your friend, Kellsie

Dear Santa,

I hope you the elves are happy and mrs claus! For Christmas I would like a toy gun. I will bee carfol.

Love, Pax

Dear Santa,

How are you and your elves? I wud like a hospital lego plane.

Love, Gavin

Ms. Theresa Lundquist and Maestra Samantha Sanchez

Dear Santa,

How are yoo dooing mae I hav the skilander Thumback. And a kid kindol. And a mawntin bisucole. And oll the mawntin bicing geere.

Love, Kaichira

Dear Santa,

How or yo duen. Can yo ples breng me a snowmobel.

Love, Cooper

Dear Santa,

Whut are You duing at the north pole code. I want Tow lago Sets and. Fiting bugs and Piey Faes shodaune.

Love, Michael

Dear Santa,

Santa Wut ard you bwin aed usof bt I wot for Frisms a Mark gRow aed a Paifas Gam aed a dol


Dear Santa,

How are you and ms Clos? I will like games of xbox 360.

Love, Camilo

Dear Santa,

How are you doing Santa? How are you dowing at the North Pole? Pleas can I have a Studeo for mi artewrk. Plezz can I have Lagoz. Plezz can I have a Brby Drem Hous.

Love, Maria

Deour Santa

You aer Hopi me too can cah you go get I popet. I prsnsas Inu Barbe ov ana. Inu booki. I lov you.

Lov Quetzally

Dier santu

Hou have you bene. Am i on the noty list. I wud like a fiting bugsz. An rile goodolrs on a big lago cidy.

Love, Tor

Dear Santa,

How are you and Rudolph. Is it cold There Santu. I reely want some Legos. Of Halo 5 and Rocket Legue. For xbox one and a NerF Rivel.

Love, Gonzalo

Dear Santa,

How are you and how is your wife? This yer i Wunt a toy vilen and my sistr wonts a toy peanoe.

Love, Emily

Dear Sata,

How are you Sata and rudof can you bring me a no-fecshin bok and can you bring my little sictr a baby doll and can you bring my dad and my mom a fon.

Love, Daniela

Dear Santa,

How are you and yore randerse dowign? I wod like to Hov a Hacmals and pop the pig and a pie Face show down and a richue Pluche.

Love, Mia

Dear santa,

I hop the ranedear do not get kolds i rely wod like a locit and a pictr of you so ai can put the pctr in the lokit.

Love aila

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs Clase doing? What cind of coocks do you want me to make for you? I want a Finding Dory DVD. And I want a Elaphint Beeni bod.

From nina

Dear Santa,

Ti is cold out saed? Wot I wunt this uer I wunt is a lentendou 3 DS and a legos frum Bamean and a guaems for the lentendou 3DS and a cul toe.

Love, Zaid

Dear Santa,

I wont to no what cinde of dusert you wont. Can I hav a derwae Barebe ice crem set with clos Ples.

Love, Ellery

Dear Santa,

Thenk you for the Presalot. I want a lego of the Fer plis and a toy for may sester plis and wayt paper and a dres and shus thanks santa.

Love, Ellie

Dear Sant,

How are you doing? What are the randeers names? All I Know is rodafe dans pranset and dash. I made a frend her name is Dani.

Love, Annika Berge

Dear Santa,

I am Having a Now sistr and brathr. Thak you Santa for giving Kids prezents and giving live to pipl and giving nice hugs.

Love, Anaira Estrella

Dear Santo,

Is it cold ther or sune ther? Angel wot powr rangerz dinrcor zero. Du you have a rander?

Angel Perez

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I got a now dog a foo days ugoe. I wod like sum noo cloes for crismis. Hope you have a god drive.

Love, Finley

Dear Santa,

Joney is wochening me and i wod like a pet bounen wiyt and a new legow set thak you for my 3-0 cenictro.

Louve, William

Dear Santa,

Haw are yu doing. My budr wud lik scilandrs umadrz ples. Haw is roodolf duing. Is it cod in the nof pow?

Love, Mason

Dear Santa,

How are the randers at the north pol? And wot kinde of cokes wod yue like.

Love, Anthony

Dear Santa,

How are you dowing this year? Is it cold in the North Pole? I am going to Panima for spring bracke! I can not wait for Chrismas!

Love, Lucia

Dear Santa,

Of ren Year of Chrismas? Do you have a christol?: Sumetams do yuo have difrint elfs like zige and ziges bruthr?


Dear Santa,

I hav a now baby boy! Wot cooks do you like to eat? How do you look? And or randrs?


Dear Santa,

How are yuo and misi clos? Doo I saw yrs majikc powers in a YouTube Kids Vitdio. May I have a remote control snowmobile?

Love, Evan

Maestra Heidi Owens

Querido Santa Claus,

Para Navid Yo me gustaria una poeny peluhe i un maws sbel buk pero no korsibo i toy gato. I have been good because I CLiue mom And mi das rum.

Your friend, Valeria

Querido Santa Claus,

Para Navidad me gutaria tenr PiFas Porque me porte bien. I have been good because I Wos nis to MI fame bcos I gad Hug.

Your friend, Natalie

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaria tener un telefono y un varita magica para navidad. Porque yo estoy beino. I have been good ebcause I listend to my dad and my mom.

Your friend, Anneke

Querido Santa Claus,

Porfavor puYdo yo tener una conptdora. I have been good beecos I buleve you.

Your friend, Julia.

Querido Santa Claus,

Para Navidad me gustaria tener pie fas showdawn, a fon AND iPAD. I have been good because I ... SWeeP!

Your friend, Ivy

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaria tener Libro y fuegtes, moncia, i perro. I have been good because I help mom Do Dishinis, toers and clen the rum.

Your friend, Kelsey

Querido Santa Claus,

Para Navidad yo ciero expo 2-in-1 y un casca nueces. tambein un iPaD y un snowmobeie y un i phonsix. I have been good becasuse I helpt my mom set the tabol and clen the tabal.

Your friend, Kieran

Querido Santa Claus,

Para navidad yo Quiero un patineta Wii u, wee, 2 nerf guns. I have been good because I was lisining to my mom and dad.

Your friend, Sage

Querido Santa Claus,

Para Navidad me gustara Guava Juse Box, 2 legoe sets and a pokeman Kards me porite Bien. I have been good because I hav read and Nihgt and I helpt my sistr.

Your friend, Ivan.

Querido Santa Claus,

Para navidad me gustaria tener una cumputadora. Yo ese el cuarto de mi mama y mi papa. For crismis I will like a cumpiootr. I hav bin gud becus I clend my mom and dad room. I helpt my mom macke food.

Your friend, Daniel.

Querido Santa Claus,

Para navedad Yo gustaria un Americengirldoll porqu yo ace vien a la escoela and a Phon and a Pikcher uv The Ifolltawer and a Hachamol. I have been good Because I Help MY MOM wheth clening The Hous.

Your friend, Alexia

Querido Santa Claus,

Para navedad me gostarea tener un gato bebe robot porce ayode me mama recuperarse and a barbi hous weth barbi dolls and a fhon wheth gams and Pie face show down Because I help’d my mom and dad clen up. I lisen. I am nice to my frends.

Your friend, Alexandra

Querido Santa Claus,

Para Navidad Me gsAds un patinete con handlelles largos, UNO TeleFONO, Fegerburod, Camada. YO iude mi mama. I have beeN good because i clen op The cLasroM ad i hLp mi MoM.

Your friend, Noah

Querido Santa Claus,

Para navidad me gustaria tener cinco Nrf gans, I I Pokeman figys, PokeMon pulselras 7. tedi la camas de mi mama y recogi toda la casa. I have been good because I was heopin my mam kyen up my haus.

Your friend, Angel

Querido Santa Claus,

Yo guerro un Pokemon tajetas y un iPhon 7 Poque yo estava en cinco. I have been good because I wuz on Fiv. I Have BIN respsl.

Your friend, Ulises

Mrs. April Repinski and Maestra Kelly Keefe

Dear Santa,

I really love Christmas bicus my brtha is coming. May I plis have a fake pup that can tog and wag and may I plis have a Doc MecStuffins cart?

Love Mira

By the way I am diatid bicus I have a brthdey coming up and Marc came bace.

Dear Santa,

I rilre want a sno brod a voice command drone, and a remot chrl sumren.

Luv, Owen

Dear Santa,

A book. A jacket. A toy stor,

Love, Cihan

Dear Santa,

I love a Barbie and closet for the Barbie. And Barbie clothes. I want a new book kold A Chick Grows Up. I want a jyent book and kaledr, and jump pup.

Love, Leiahi Garci-sasa

Dear Santa,

I really love Christmas. I hope you are rete to give presents out. I hope you could Breng me a Barbe, the dream house, and a snow hat, and a pige and a gerold book, and a friend ship for ever legow, and a Amerka grill doll plese santa.

Lindsay Luaeza Lona

Dear Santa,

I hope that you have a vare good chrizmiz. Could I please have a snobord a nijagos aczhun figyr kai that iz hyuje that to lov me and a crozzbow?


Bennett Haltman

Dear Santa,

You are the best Santa. May I have a tablet. Jays jet from ninjogo, nerf gun, and a ravens blanket. I love you Santa.

Love, Braden

Dear Santa,

Haw are your reindeer? I would like a gient candey cane. A phone too a roket that you bild and blast it off.

Love, Charlie Allen.

Dear Santa,

I relly love Christmas. May I please have a doll cooch, and a pretend dog named goergy.

Love, Emmy Huseby

Dear Santa,

I relly love Christmas. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day! May I please have a Doc McStuffins toy Hospital, Cuddles the pretend puppy, and a pretend unicorn, please. I like you Santa!

From Zali

Dear Santa,

I really love Christmas! May I plese have a r2-d2 that folos me a rawd, and a doc McStuffins care cart?

Love, Kashla Gifford

Dear Santa,

I really love Christmas. I love that you are Santa. I wot a big candy cane and a blakit. A but but a surpiz and a pretend puppy.

Love, Nell Macgregar

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa! I want a: LEGO Ninjago wite Ninja zain, piggie and Gerlad stuffies, and emoji stuffy, a Ninjago lego figr Kai. I hope your ELF are ok.

Love, Kalani-Martinez.

Der Santa,

I love Christmas. I want a 3Ds. Then I want a toi fly guy. Then I want a toi dragln. Then I want a big gummy worm.

Love, Carlos Diaz

Dear Santa,

May I please have a real puppy, and A real cat, gummy worms, and a emoji? Thank you for al my prezinz.

Love Miley.

Dear Santa,

I really love Barbies and Barie clothes I would love 2 legos from Sitderella, and a cedy in a box, gummy worms, and a real puppy.

Love, Ximena

Dear Santa,

I like how you wlct on me and my brudrs toys and my toys. Why do you hav a big beard? How dus rudof fli? Can I plis have little life turtle, and a litte life maws, and a dress up masha, and a piggy and elephant plush?

Love, Any

Dear Santa,

I hope you are well in Chritmas. May please I have two new books about butterflies? May please I have a new stufed animals, a new chart, and a new bike? Have a gret day!

Kelyn Garcia

Dear Santa,

I hope you are well! May I pleas have a real puppy please. And a new comuters please. And a gymnastics leotard. I love you.

Love, Hadley Merritt

Dear Santa,

I hope you are well. Can you give me a photo of dashr? What are you dowen up there? Whyis Rudof nose red? May I please have a real xuvadro? May please have some Legos and some new books?

Love Henry Rooks

Dear Santa,

Haw is Rudolph? Santa may I ples have a pupe, and a hape pelo, and a ex box.

Love, Jeffrey

Dear Santa,

I hope you are well. Merry Christmas. For Christmas may I have a guitor, a Bell from you’re slay and a new ipad, See you at the town sekquare.


Hennessy Van Gelder

Dear Santa,

I hope you are well. May I pleasse have a xbox and a dog? I hope you come. How is Rudolph’s nose red?

Love, Leon

Dear Santa,

You are nise. You are thanckfol. May I plys have a real pupy. May I plys have a real fon. May I plys have a toy doll and a Barbie hause? May I plys have a new book abuwt barbies?

Love, ?????

Dear Santa,

I hope you are well. You are nise. I want a Barbie toy and a wheel pupy, and a Barbie house, and a toy kithen, and a takiy, and boots, and books and kanpi? How is rudulf? Thanks for the presins and a bik.

Luv, Danna Avila Castro

Dear Santa,

You are awesome Santa! May I please have a frend Georgie, a robot, and a guitar, and a stio jakeet. How is Rudolph?

Love, Sydney Solnowsky

Dear Santa,

You are asom! I want a Lego of Jrasik Wrld. A Legos of Hallo 4. Lego of CalaDure. I want a Xbox.

Love, Jared Bedolla Lopez

Dear Santa,

I love how thankful you are. A halo lego. A elf. A call of duty toy gun.



Dear Santa,

I hop you are well. I miss you. For Christmas, may I please hae a real puppy, and a gymnastics leotard and a computer.

Love, Lincoln Merritt

Dear Santa,

I want some drums for Christmas.

Love, Sam

Mr. Tim Rogers

Der Santa,

How doo yo send alot uv toys in wun nite? I klen my room when my mom tells me. May I please hav a star wars lite saber


Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus and yor elfs duen? I clene my room evreday. May I please hav a tablet.

Your friend, Jimena G

Dear Santa,

Wher do you liv? How are you? How do you delivr oll of the presints oll over the wrld? How are yor raen dere? Who made you magic? Can I please hav a remoewt cintrl car that gos 70 mils an awr! I was a good lisnr. Are you rede to delivr the presints oll oevr the wrld! Yor the man Santa!

Frum, Nixen/Toriy/Schutt

Dear Santa,

How are the elves doing? How are the raindeer doing? I’v made my bed at home. May I please have Chip the robot dog?

Your frend, Ava Gauthier

Dear Santa,

How are you? What is yoer favrit kooce? I hav ben good this yer. I clene my room. May I plees hav a giant stuff animal hedgehog.

Frome, Stella Campbell

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How do you get present in one day? How is rodolf? I hav bin helping my mom wosh the dishis. Can I ples hav cosmo the robot.

Your friend, Kate Nethercott

Dear Santa,

How are you Santa!! I love you Santa I help my mom and my dad clene the dishis can I please hav a tablet.

Your frend, Emily

Dear Santa,

You look grat. How ar you. Santa I wut a tablit plez. I help mi mom wozh dishis. You are the best.

Your frend, Esmeralda Garcia Romano

Dear Santa,

How are you. How do you deiver presens all in one nite? I bin gud I helpt my parins I clen. Can I ples hav the lead death star. You rock Santa!

Yor frend, Nick Brindisi

Dear Santa,

How are the rain deers? How are you? I set the talbe evree nite. May I plees hav a barbee lego set. You are the man.

Your frend: Addie Geffre

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is wobof the red nos roder? I help my parins with the cukes. How is bubls the elf? Can I please have a star wars legos set.

Your Feiend, Caiden Flemma!

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is viny the elf? How are the randere? Hoo made you majick? I am a good participater. May I plese have a majick wond. You r osum!

Yuore Frend, William Hobbs

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is rood olf and the raindeer? How is Mrs. Claus and the elfs doing? I been a good team mate in class. May I pleas have a lego Harry Potter Hogworts Lego set.

Your Friend, Garrett

Mrs. Jodeen Tebay

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaria tener motosecLeta y shopken y resbaLadella Pade La mle the y KoLrsprer y chaOaLLend y caballo. I have bin good becas im hepeg my mom and i have bin not kick

How do rendr fly?

Your Friend, Halle

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tener legos PARA nAvidAd me porte bien todo el año. I was Bhav bKux I wus Qait in the Dentist.

Your Friend, Denise

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tener un nerf gun y una motocicleta de lodo porque me port e bien becus I’ve done my hous chors and i’ve ben nice and I can Intertan myself.

Bey the way How are the Elfs?

Your Friend, Ellery

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tenerun kit Amarican girl doll set. y un Amarican girl doll. Silla de rudas y muletas y venda y yeso para el brazo set. me torte bien todo e año. I tuc care of my BaBBy cuzent. I helpd him eat his food.

How are you doing Santa? How are the elfs doing? are you busy?

Your Friend, Izzy

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tener un nerf gun navidad. Me porte bien todo el ano. I have been good because I WAK to the bus. I Red in class.

Your Friend, ANTHONY

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tener una casita e un telefono tamben un cumpodora un Gato tamyen una ermana Grand Para mi como JuGete

I help my mom wef duwen fud and wef klenen her rum.

Your Friend, Abril

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tener nrf gun uno gorade pecaknu Allude a me mama

I have been good because I hilp my mom clinin the tabul.

Your Friend, Axel

Querido Santa Claus,

Yo qierodun pero bul dog y un PS4 y un nurf gon porque le ayudami mama a limpi mi casa I help my mom to clin the hous. I help my car to bai theings.

Your Friend, Edwin

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tener un amaracan niña carito de elado porque me porte ben I have ben doing things that help are community like ring the bell and giving the mune to the por.

How are the rander dowing?

Your Friend, Emma

Querido Santa Claus,

Yo Cero un perro y Tortuga de jogete porce tiendo mi cama y ayudoa me mama I have been good because I hav hept my mom and DaD.

how do rader fly?

Your Friend, Amelia

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría un nerf Magamastadon. Porgue me porte bien todo el año. Because I was being good all of the year I can have nerf gun battles.

How are elvs?

Your Friend, Anders

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría uN Boomarang. Me GustariA un Nerf MeGA mastodon. Me Gustaria un FrBoKu Just so you no. Do you No what they or? They Do cool things lick you can tok to them and moov them arond.

I have been Good becus i haven’t ben fiting

Your Friend, Griffin

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría una Plallera de Cristiano Ronaldo azul de real madrid 20 carts de poKeman EX

I help my mom and my Dad cleeneng my bed. I help geding the snow out.

Your Friend, Manuel

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tener el Xbox para navidad y el juego de mincraft. Me porte bien todo el año. I have been Good because I read every night. and playing with my cusin.

Your Friend, Connor

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tenr brasalete de coloes i arets i tamen un elefate de pelute i tamen ropa.

Yo meresico estas cosas perco de ayude I help my mom to pec up the hows end at hr wrc.

Your Friend, Evolette

Querido Santa Claus,

Me gustaría tenr castillo para navidad. me porte bien todo the Año I have don mi homwke.

Your friend, Yaretzi

Mrs. Stephanie Thompson

Dear Santa,

Hi how are you? How are the raendeer? I have bin good this year. Coud I ples have a noo per of icescats sise 12…13 ples and a par of hiheeols sise 12…13 ples and a toilet that flushis on its own ples and shopcins ples and a ice scaeting bag. I hope you have a safe ride. I hope you have a grate year.

From: Lily Heinken

Dear Santa,

Hi how are the ellfs doing! So maye I ples have a camrur and a phone and a bort games and fun books! And have a grat crismis. Hohoe

From: Caroline Korpi

Dear Santa,

Hellow! Are you rel? I think I haf been cinda good. Plys bring me the minong game that my mom deleted ?

From: Noah

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I wut for crismis amarcian girl stuff, emoji stuff koalas stuff penguins stuff. Have a mare chrismis

From: Ginny

Dear Santa,

I hop thar the ranedeer are feline good! Are comet and dashr feline good am I a kid on the bad list?

From: Henry

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa! How are your rane deer? Can I plece have a toy air plane?

From Nico

Dear Santa:

How is Mrs. Closs doing? I have been good! I really like an amarkin girl doll that looks like me please! Can I please have a horse harne for the horses please! Can I please have some horses like brown please! Can I please have an amararkian girl doll kittin and the things for the amararkin girl doll kittin please! Mery Christmas Santa!

From: Fern

Dear Santa,

How are you doing! I an wishing for cosmow and a glob and new par of ice skats and a desk ples.

From: Laine

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Hope you are doing? good! I whod reeeecle lik a punching dome, a litsadekeg and a amaruucin boy doll! Love Brayden

Rodof the red ros rondee had a shine more if yevr sol it you who sac if gios

From: Brayden

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are the ren deer? I have ben stort of good. Can I piys have a wip. Can I piys have a hober board. Can I plys have a tory Anakin. Can I piys have a toy emperor. Hoppe holdays!

From: Rocco Rye Irby

Dear Santa,

How are yer elfs santa? May I have air drum may I have a phone may I have a acatyn and mousner may i have kitios. May I have papes may I have mor kitins

From: Camdyn

Dear Santa,

How is your winter? I have been relly good this year. May you plis get me a coten candy maker and a goode pladose set and secret mesinger and a rele kichin set and a gray cat dol thst is 20 and peez wherever. And a shopkins an a miniature TV that is rele. Oh and I have a Christmas list you may look at because I forgot som uv the things that I wont for Christmas.

From, Natalie Bushnell

Dear Santa,

How do you go to every house every nit? What do you do every day? A Brn sat thet has ol amumls. A new na; PLoLish thet is spocLe. Gist the same thet it is always. A new Dousck AND 1 chair to go with it. A new lunchbox onl Lagos. Spring drasis somr drasis. SPris me with GLr toys! Hape crismis santa and misis clos

From: HAZeL

Dear Santa,

I like your list. I luv you. How do the elves help make the toys? I want the uglee pet shop pet kins and 100 pokemans.

From Wyatt Perez Perez

Kelly Elementary School

Mrs. Ruth Valsing

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Ms. Claus? I wish for the set of amulet books. For my family I wish for a dog. I wish for everyone that there are more vultures. Because they eat dead things that are rotten.

Anna Baxter

Dear Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus,

How are you? My wish is for a electric truck and for my family to hike to hidden falls. I wish for everyone to have food.

Love, Liam Coin

Dear Santa,

How are you? I wish for me to be a prfeshnol hockey player. I wish for my family to skating. For people everywhere to be healthy love.

Stavrocs Coin

Dear Santa,

How are you? For my self I wish that I could be a good horse rider. For my family I wish that they could be nice to me and for people everywhere that they could be safe.

Love, Bailey Cook

Dear Santa,

How are you? I wish to be healthy. For my family to have a dag soon. For people to be alive a long time.

Love, Enzo Callari

Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,

How are you? I wish for myself that I could have some hair coloring and my family wishis for a happy holiday. I wish that the world cun share love.

Love, Madison Reese McDaniel

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? For my self I wish for an electric guitar. For my family I wish that we will be skiing together soon. For people everywhere I wish that people everywhere have food.

Love, Charlie von maur Newcomb

Dear Santa,

How are you? For my self I wish for a Barbie box. I wish for my family to all go skeing. I wish people everywhere would be helthy.

Love, Ruth Dornan

Wilson Elementary School

Mr. Jeffrey Broeder

Dear Santu,

It has snood ulot. So you or guoen to land prfiktle on my rofe and I wont to telie you oun more thieng to you with my Crismis list and it is a hour bord and a little pollr iksprez set and the I ran haz a rumuokin trole and a trien track.

From, Elizabeth Adamson

Dear Santa,

I hope you git me the grenae ninjaes gragin lago ninjogo sate anb anatr lago ninjogo sate. Are you hape or sad? I like you.

From, Hayden

Dear Santa,

How meney peopoll are in the wrolld? Do you get tiyrd? Merry! Christmas! Have I ben a good grll I mit have rot a list. I wont a lots of money and borbeys a borbey playn and a stenkey and a chraplen. Merry! Christmas!

Kiss Kiss. Love, Jadyn

Dear Santa,

Happy Christmas Santa. Haw or you santa. Haw ar the elfs? You are a god man. I want a tobol wodol. Plez and my brother wod like a big luke skiewokr and I wod oso like a rel matr yoda plezy.

From, Stella Zazzarra

Dear Santa,

There will be some cookes and millk in the kitchen. How do your reindeer fly? For crismas I would like: frabrick, wide ribbon, garbage. Like bottle caps, and a bunny with all the supplies to take care of a bunny.

Love, Victoria

P.S. The garbage and the frabric and the ribbon are to make stuff.

Dear Ssunta,

Pris wisro popis le ding your sla on Christmas night? How is Mrs. Claus? Just so you know I want to get my sister a barbe set and I wud like a tresur truck.

From, Johnny

Dear Santa,

Are you rle rel? How do you git to hase to hase so fast? I wot a huvrbod, a mune mushen, a tedebarr, a slige. Plez. Merry Christmas.

From, Oliver

Dear Santa,

Haw are the elvz? Haw are you? Haw are your reindeer? Could you plez brig me a rel tool set? I wud also like a rocket skate brd ples? I rile lve the Nintendo ds!

From, Mylo Iguchi

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a grat wintr I cant wate for Christmas and own of the tigs I wont is ninjajo books and a hufr bord and my sistr wud like a babby toy. And haw are yore reindeer?

Love, Brooke Holland

And a rell dog ples.

Dear Santa,

Haw are you? Haw is rodof? Can I have a sparkley swah mermad tall? Can I have a yonakon? Can I have a fake?

Love, Tinzalh Ellis

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Santa, I wont for Christmas is a hominbrd spire and how is misis clos?

From, Bennett Kussak

Dear Santa,

I all rete rote you a not so you can giv me a supris. But my bruthr wood like a noe ipod and haw are you dowing? I am dowing good and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

From, Cecilita

Dear Santa,

Hau r you doeh Santa? Do you hav a tree? Haw is Mrs. Clos? Hoh mahe ara deer r picalen the slay? Is rodof ledeh the way haw mabe avs do you hav? I wot a mrmad ta magh it ws the fran tago sat gine peg and gine peg fwd and gine peg has toys.


Dear Santa,

Wat hav you ben doowig ovr this sumr? is yor favrit holiday Christmas? And I love ol of the Christmas sogs. Merry Christmas Santa.

Love, Josie Kramer

Dear Santa,How are you? Have the elfs been good? Santa I love this holiday. Santa can I hava a elf for Christmas? And can I have a neclis and a braslite?

From, Leisel Maher

Dear Santa,

Haw or you doing? how is misis clos doing? how is rodol? doing I wod lick a touy rodolf the rodnos rondir I rile wot a hachomol olso I wot to bea elf or a mormad tal mai have a sopris.

Love, Lucy Leger

Dear Santa,

Haw are your radr dooing? I wot 4 shings. Shopkis tos. Benos. Pet bunny. Surprise. 5. A pet frog for my sisr Sophia me and my sisr will be at Engld.

Love, Isabella Wolfgang

Dear Santa,

Haw are you? Chistmas is fun with you urawd. Haws roodof? Haws mrs. Clos? Can I hav a supris?

Love, Irina Armbrust

Dear Santa,

My favite holiday is Christmas. How are the reindeer and how are the elfs? I whod rillreey like nowe race skies and a bowne arowe and a lot of legos.

From, Ashton

Dear Santa,

How was your fol? And we have ben gitting a lot of snoe heer. I feel like I have ben relee good this yer. I wont a ipad.

From, Harrison

Dear Santa,

How are you doing santa are you doing great? Good. When I was at Thailand and I fond a little shark toth can you please find it thank you.

From, Clementine

Dear Santa,

Haw r you dowen? Happy Holiday Santu. Some times I wot like a pa nentendo 3d2 and a be8 rist band are awall car track.

From, Bridger

Miss Rachel Freundlich

Dear Santa,

How Do rander fli? Mae i hav a Dino Box chrans fo my robot gun? and plys indomnis rex Brakot fry.


Dear Santa,

can I ask you a qechin? do you have crismis dogss or pu8pes? I will want a chube pupe prk and the tabe short hair cat. next I will want a chube pupes play hoes.

Love, Keira

Dear Santa,

Do you like kids? I would like a laptop and a paper dragon book. And a ninjogo toy.

From Dean

Dear Santa,

What is it like at the noth pole? This yere may I plese have a tree house? I want one becuse Im going to strte a seret club.

Love, Jasper

Dear Santa,

how is Roodof doing? Can I plese have we and a loft bed for Kismis? I like riteing to you.

Love, Taryn

Dear Santa,

How good has Roodof been? Ples May IO have chocolit and candy canes. I want evything of Elsa movies.

Luv, Sophia

Dear Santa,

plez gif me Inskore. P.S. it is a air soft gun. And your alvs mac the best boys.

Luve, Ashe B.

Dear Santa,

Plese git me a ipad and a compudr. I luv you Santa. If Roodof rel? How do you fly?

Luv, Rowan

Dear Santa Clos,

Wuts Misis cloz rel nam? How Do Ran Dear fli? How Do You Dulivr ol uv The prezins In 1 Hole Nit?

Love, Adger

Dear Santa,

wut is 4 plus 4? it is 8. Haw do yor Rander fly? May I hav lots uv papr. I lik riding.

Luv, Sande

Dear Santa,

do you like crismis? can I ples have a stufe cat and a stufe dog and a misc stufe cat and dog?

Love, Betsy!

Dear Santa,

I wot the hol set uv shopkis and a dol bekus they are my fabrit and a stuf star. You have the best raindeers. the raindeers are gud. You are gud too.

I love you Santa, from Evelyn

Dear Santa,

Do you hav Roodolf? Can I ples hav a hedr blancit and a new mattres and a pilow? ples do not giv me col!

Lovek, Olivia

Dear Santa,

Haw is Rodolfs nows wrcing? are you wreking on yor prasins to dlivr. I wil giv you a bag ov carris and coocis.most uv all I hope you com to my house,

From Bridget

Dear Santa,

How do your Rain Dear fly? I will have a list under my stocking. Please do not try to wake any of us up.

Love, Solomon

Dear Santa,

How can majik work? Ples can I hav a nite hunter for crismis? becus I like helucoptr.

Love, Torin

Dear Santa,

KMare crismis how are you doing? I will tel you wut I wut for crismis. I wut a letric scooter ples.

Love, Olivera

Dear Santa,

Are you felig well? I whant two barbie dools. and a doll hose and a kidey and a phone with lots of gtames.

Love, Alicia

Dear Santa,

Haw dus your rainders fliy? I wud ples wot a now camuru. It is becus my old oun Broke. Haw can you fit daown The chimde? I love Crismis it is oun of my favrit holidays,

Love, Eva

Dear Santa,

haw is Rodof dooin? my I plees hav shopkins bargee and kena barbee has and borbee clos and most of ol borbee frnuchr. Mareechrimis Santa I hope you are feelin jolee Santa.

Love, Olivia

Dear Santa,

Do you have pets? Do you like to red books? wut do you like to eat? I want a jrasic world vlasraptr lego set.

From Kiedis

Dear Santa,

Is rudof rel? because I wut a stuff amiml rudof just loike my sis but can you put my name on it, i is spelled like thes colette.

Love, Colette


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