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Ledrs to Santa

Kids say they’ve been nice, ask about the reindeer and present their wish lists.

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2020 Letters to Santa

There are lots of questions about Christmas this year. Can I see my family? Will we be able to travel?

But for Teton County first graders, one question is paramount: Will Santa be able to come to my house and deliver gifts?

After all, Santa is in the high-risk category, being older than time, and his elves work in close contact with each other. Toys are pretty hard to make virtually, so nobody’s working from home, except maybe the administrative elves who manage the naughty and nice lists.

So the fear that Santa might not make it this year seemed warranted, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that Santa Claus won’t be stopped. Through wars, the 1918 pandemic and all manner of global calamity, his sleigh leaves the North Pole on Christmas Eve and scatters gifts to the wind for kids to open Christmas morning.

This year, the leading infectious disease specialist in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told us that Santa has “innate immunity” to the coronavirus, which should allay any fears. To that end the News&Guide wanted to play our annual role in helping Santa make sure he knows what local first graders are hoping for in their stockings.

We know Mr. Claus looks for our paper every December, just to make sure he hasn’t missed anything. From Barbies to stuffed animals to Zoom calls with Santa, kids are looking for traditional gifts and some new ones as well.

We’re just happy to know Santa will be able to make it.

— Tom Hallberg

Ms. Jennifer Fischer, Jackson Elementary School

Dear Santa,

HOW are You??? MaY I Please have legos, a real dog, and a book. I want a gift. I have been a good boy this year.

merry | christmas,


Dear Santa,

How are you?

May I Please have a paddleboard, a scotel, Americas! Girl Doll. I wani a car.

Merry Christm!



Dear Santa,

How are your rander? I wunt a Real Puppy, and a huvrBord,

Merry Christmas!



Dear Santa,

HOW are you? May I Please have boots, shoes, a toy bear, a real PUPPY. I have been a good boy this year

Merry christmas,


Dear Santa

How are you? I am Happy. May I please have a puppy, a hut, a boos, and legos. I am nis to my friends.



Dear Santa,

SANTA please can I have a car that kids can jiv. Can I have a jojo staf. Can I have a kaline necklace

your little elf,


Dear Santa,

How are you? I am rebe for snow. Please canihave new aulectric car that kids can bivin in, real puppy, lovlap with rabos calor and a calendr with crds. I wus Gud at Grandmo

Merry Christmas

Yaur little elf,

Elly Grimes.

Dear Santa,

How are you I am. excited for Pregins. may I please have a. new reyool pag, a lovu lamp, explorcsn soot, a Kloc for my. room. I Have been. good at school.

Merry christmas

Yor elf,


Dear Santa

Can I please have a new black robotic car, a blue lova lamp please and new nike shoes please and a siens box. sumtimes I am rood but I trie to be nose and I trie todomybest thank you

Your little elf,

Cole Knobe

Dear Santa,

How are you? I am excited for christmas!!! Mai please have a new bike, a watch, with gams and a bablad, and Legos, and yugioh, and qoKemon,. I hav been good at Skoola

Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How are you? What kind of cookes do you like? May I have a Backpack, LoL dolls magicas unciner! Please Please!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

you’er elf,


Dear Santa,

How are you? I am excited for presines!!! May I please have a woodin toy hores, and a rambow lovo lamp, and a tiny puppy that is real. I have been nise. Merry Christmas.

Your little frid


Dear Santa,

How are you?

I LOVE Christmas!!! Can I please have a wall clook, a siyens box, a art box, a game board, and a kids hot gluw gun. Have a good Christmas!!! I have ben a bit rud to my mom, But I try my best

your littel Kido,

thank you!!!!!

Chloe Ann Hernandez

Dear Santa,

How are you? I am excited for presents!!!!!!!!! Wold you like me to send you a present? pleasee can I have lego city set and a bow and arrow? How are yor elfs? Do you have a christmas tree? I have ben Good at School!

Yor friend,


Dear Santa,

May I have two bordercolles ples, Legos ples and a surprise!!!! I have bin a good boy. Sumtimes. I am meen, but I try.

yor’r elf,


2020 Letters to Santa

Tanner Halsey, Ms. April’s first grade class, Munger Mountain Elementary School.

Mrs. Sharon Brazil, Colter Elementary School

Dear Santa Can Please Have Some BeyBlades And a Beylade a Reanu And Beya lochrs. Can I Please hav a trackr And Rex from Paw Patrol.

From Jack

Dear Santa, Please Can I Havie aBu Blu Be it. A MiTePuP Tawr.Haw aor you Haw our you


Dear Santa, hope this year you bring me a beautiful toy and hope tht next year my mom has more job to take to travel and the world with her and know places form my little brother bring him a kit if toys and be with family forever.

Love, Cataleya

Dear Santa, H Uw r u. can I haV candy I WAN HoeD Puon


Dear Santa, Plees can I Have a appole watht and I also wut a Rid pup I miss you

Love Brianna

Dear Santa, Howe is miss close? I Tride to be nisse to my sisres. can I Please have tow toYs. And a thing. My toYs are na! na! na! srpise back PaK and a Fone.


Dear Santa, Haw is ropfoo? I Hop you aor DoinG Wew aor you? Ronero SoprmieeosDce SumcrAfps AsNoWGOB Lego Mreeo


HLO Sanut can I HaV Legos Hlo Senut can I have cro! HLO Senut I wot Red crs. Hlo Senut Cnd I Hava dog tracuo Snta! Hawo is yor Radd

From, Julio

Dear Santa, Haw are you Please can you gif a robot Please CAN I hAv a relepuppr

Thank You Luv Alice

Dear Santa, Haw are your randadr? Please can you git a gocort and a rc car thank you Santa.

Frum Tanner

Dear Santa, How are you? I want a yellow Hockey helmet. Please. And white football glovs please. and a Brown football helmet please


Dear Santa, How are the ran deer? Maye a racing hors and sum surprises Thank you.

Love: Ayla ps I ♡ you.

Dear Santa, Please can I Hav Base bos sture 60s big stufe lago sets Santa stude stufe evr haw is misis cloz doen?

Love Santa Addalyn

Dear Santa, How are you? Please can you give me a Nerf gun and thank you Please Can you give me a ipad please How are your raindeer?

From Raylan

2020 Letters to Santa

Case Riddell, Ms. Fischer’s first grade class, Jackson Elementary School.

Ms. Catherine Bennett, Kelly Elementary School

Dear Santa,

I Live in Kelly. How are you. I hope you are having a good christmas. I have worked hard this year. Can I please have a reMote cantrol horse. Good luck delivering gift’s.



Dear Santa,

Merry Chrismas can I Please have a hamster stufee that comes with a hamster Wheel?how are your reindeer my address is [REDACTED] circle and I Live in Mooes thank you for Working so hard + Love,


P.S. is rudolf real

Dear Santa wut I wot is a Pet hamster and I wuot a Hummr treat is mac and chrul. and a chro snake and a mok and chrul spire.

Luv Whitaker

Dear Santa

I hope you have a grate day. I wanta remot control car and a ipad and a G wolling set

Love Kyle

Dear Santa How are you do ing i wil have a lego explorers.



2020 Letters to Santa

Chloe Hernandez, Ms. Fischer’s first grade class, Jackson Elementary School.

Mrs. Erin Martin, Jackson Elementary School

Dear Santa,

I have been good.

I have been good to my mom. I have been good to my dad. I wish for Barbie camper, amarican doll.



Dear Santa,

I have been good.

I have been helping my friends and one time I helpt my dad cook dinr. I have been myself.

I wish for a fliable helackopter, invisablanater, and other stuff.



Dear Santa,

I have been helping helping my famole.

I help my dad cook.

I wish for a shark stuffer, and a bacpac.



Dear Santa,

I have been a good stootint and frind and I’ve been cleaning up.

I wish for a fijit spinner, rockit coptr, t-rex dinosaur.



Dear Santa,

I have been good to ma frens. I have been helping frens.

I wish for jrasic dominetrex.



Dear Santa,

I have been good. I been clenen mi room. I help mi dad. I wish for Barbie campr, jojo umerican doll.



Dear Santa,

I have been good. I help my brother clean. I help my dad make pancakes. I wish for a unicorn and a headphone.



Dear Santa,

I have been good. I have been helping my mom set the table. I have helped my mom cook. I wish for Lego set 75025, sith trooper costume 47 inch.



Dear Santa,

I have been good. I have clean my dishis. I have been helping my mom.

I wish for Lego dinasaur and a dog pipe.



Dear Santa,

I have been good.

I have been cling my room, and hows. I have been ding my dirty dishis in my hows.

I wish for Lago sets 75025, Lago binjogo sets, a big hows.


Benjamin Kai Grimm

Dear Santa,

I have been good.

I have been makeing my bed. I have been helping make the table.

I wish for a Barbie camper, Lego hospital, 5 stories.



Dear Santa,

I have been good. I have been helping my bruthr. I have been good to my mom and dad.

I wish for a new iPad.



Dear Santa,

What I want for Crismis is a hair macup set.



Dear Santa,

I have been good. I have been helpfol and frendlee, and helpfol to my mom and my dady. I wish for litsabre.



2020 Letters to Santa

Mabel, Maestra Heidi’s first grade class, Munger Mountain Elementary School.

Mrs. Jodeen Tebay, Munger Mountain Elementary School

Dear Santa,

I want the Harry Potter movie collection and all the Harry Potter Lego sets.



Dear Santa,

Hi! I hope you are doing well! For christmas I want an American Girl doll, a toy horse, a Barbie, and some surprises!

Loov Lillian

Dear Santa

Hi! I hope you are doing well! For christ, I wanta Nintendo, zelda beth of the wild chiq and case and some surprises



Dear Santa

Love you! I would like a Santa costume, and a elf on a shelf, A slime kit to Decrat, a hat —> [flips page] for the Santa coshtom, Some Surprisis, and a stuffy.

Love Anthony

Dear Santa,

Hi! your the best! For christmas I would like a moving hatchimal thats a koala, an inventing kit, some magnetic bead sets, and an elf on the shelf.



Dear Santa

Hi! I hope you are doing will! For Christmas I would a Star belly unicorn, and a Squishy Unicorn Big, and a Tedde Bear with some clothes, a Baby yoda, an omg poll house, pls



Dear Santa,

Hi! Santa, for Christmas I would like a Nintendo switch. But I want the blue one.


Nathan Garcai


kmj Q091Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing good!

For Christmas I would like two books, and some sarpises!

Love, Louis

Dear Santa,

Hi! I hope you are good! For christmas I want a O.M.G. doll, some surprises, wild Robot, and a hatchimal,



Dear Santa,

Hi! I hope ale doing well! For Christmas I would like a book, crayons, starbelly, unicorn squishy.



dear Santa

Hi! I hope you are doing well! For chris

Tmas I would like a minecraft remotecontrol




Dear Santa,

I would like some dinosaur toys for Christmas!



Dear santa,

Hi! I want a dog toy, unicorn toy, mine raft, and Legos.


Maite Jaimes

Dear Santa,

I hope you are having a good day. For Christmas I want a Baby Yoda lovey, play flip phone, a white unicorn lovey, a unicorn that can talk and some surprises.

Love, Iris

Dear Santa,

Hi! I hope you are doig well. For Chrismas %5EI would like (‘l)Lego kits, a baby yoda, (4) new books, and some surprises.



Dear Santa,

I like you! I would like a Minecraft Lego set, some surprises for my mom and dad and me!



Dear Santa,

For christmas, I want Ironman and Thor suit please.



2020 Letters to Santa

Finlay, Mrs. Tebay’s first grade class, Munger Mountain Elementary School.

Mrs. Lisa Ryan, Colter Elementary School

Dear Santa,

What’s your favorite flavor of cookie? How are your elves? Can I have a stuffed animal doge.

Froum KQyso

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are the elves doing? Could I please have a you Koys BehBlolle and a mix and mash slime set. And a prseent for my bruthr.

Love, Vivian

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are the elfs. I would like a tarantula and a elf that I can tuch.

By ennis Brennan

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa How is yur family? I would like a nerf gun. I would like a park ranger costume. How is Mrs. Claus?

Love, Michael

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Is your family good? I whill leev carits out. May I plees have sum pupu legos and a makeup set. And a unicorn!

From: Maura

Dear Santa

How are your reindeer? Do they really fly? Do they need batteries? Thank you for bringing me presents. Could I have a video game please. I like Turbo Bursts too.

Thank you Santa.

From: Damien

Dear Santa,

How are you? I would like a LOL Doll Park set, a Barbie Doll Sleep set and a Anna and Elsa toddler dolls.

Love you Santa,

Your friend, Leia

Dear Santa,

I like that I ment you. Can I please have a big pink fluffy dog and a pink teddy bear.

Love, YgsNomya

Dear Santa,

Haw do your rander fli? Thank you for evrthing.

Luv Locke

Dear Santa,

How is your family? What is your favorite cookie? Santa, could you bring me some Turbos called Valt Aoi. Santa, can you bring my sister Kelly some candy.

Love and your friend,


Dear Santa,

What is your favorite cookie? Please, I want a toy blade for Christmas I would also like the book spider man. Bye dear Santa


Dear Santa,

What is your favorite cookie flavor? For Christmas I would like Skipper Babysitting doll and a closet for her clothes. I like that you bring presents.

Your friend, Shay

2020 Letters to Santa

Louise Merritt, Ms. Leeds’ first grade class, Colter Elementary School.

Mrs. Alia Harland, Colter Elementary School

Wut is your fon numbr? Can I plys hav a kitchen. Can I hav a mobirol and a supriv thank you. Hay old are you? Markismiv!

[heart emoji] Clemmy

Dear Santa,

I hope you r havin a grat day. Ps vor bude matteo. Can I have a wunwel please and a xbox please I luve you Santa.

P.S. Can I have a hoke helmet too. Plaese.

Frum Matteo

Hi Santa. Dos mis Clos mack posinse? Can you Please Giv me the moreede Lago set can you aso. Giv me Nonfiction books.

Thack you

[heart emoji] Ella

Dear Santa,

Hi. I like you. Santa can I hav a Stuf Fox? Please Santa can I hav A mrbrun. Please Santa cAn I hAv A secret pesit Please


Dear Santa,

HI Santa. I wudt a HuVr bod and stuf Fox. Haw is Mis clos doing Please and thank you

Love Kehned

Dear Santa,

Hawr wAs your Thacs giving? I nOw i wAs BAd This Yer But i ProMis i will Be good necsh yer. CAn i Ples hav A Jaint Poechoo Ples And A drt Bic Ples and sum hoce ger. And sum hoce scas The Thing Theat Mi bad yoosis to Brush His teth. hAw Old or You.

Frum, Benji

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa. Can your Ranedere fiy? Can I have a huvrbord and A Snoopy Plese? Thank you. What time do You leve.

Your frend James

Hi Santa,

Halo! I wot Poke Mon raras. I Wot special rok. I wot a cuk. I wot a Boook and a Book uv Colras.

Thaku. Love Nain

Dear Santa,

Sant yor so good! Can I Pleesn hav a hocee helmet. Can I hav a hocee Stik a Leftee won? Yonr so good at driving presins.


Dear Santa,

How do Yor rander fly? Plese I wunt a ras car and a nmintendo as and my bruthr wans a tomis trac. I lic yor rander. I wnt a hot weylset and a fon and I wnt a no ipad

Love Azael

Dear Santa,

I Hope You had a good Thaksgiving. Hows chalupa Batman? Does Chalupa Have to Coritelen? Chrisman list: New Socks, new FooTBall cards, New games georgia Pikins Jersey That Says Pikins. Stay SaFe.

Love Cooper

Hi Santa

How are you Doing? How is the North Poll. I Want a Big Dog luvv then I Want a Toy Bunny Hiye ToPs. Tank You so much for giv me a gift. I HoPe you are Happy. I Am So … Happy that you are coming.

Love Austen

Dear Santa,

HoW are You? iWant a BancBed plEse.

I LoVe you! tHaNK you, HARPER DiPrisco

Dear Santa,

This year I want Play Doh, letter puzzles and the book Some Pets. Merry Christmas!

Love, Xavi

Dear Santa,

Hi how are you. CaN iPls have a Sink google can i have a Niec scooter cAN you get A Alex A Pc Pls And CAN, You get Omar A XBox. I Love you Santa.

Love Ian

2020 Letters to Santa

Haven, Mrs. Tebay’s first grade class, Munger Mountain Elementary School.

Maestra Heidi Dooley, Munger Mountain Elementary School, 1er grado

Querido Santa,

Haw do yor rindirafly?

¿Por favor puedo tener un calendario para 2021?

Can I ples hava a ipad for my drathr. Can I ples hav a cramra. I cant wat to see watu you bring mi tis yaru.

Frum Everett

Querido PaPá noel,

Feliz Navidad

micrófono. Patineta. gato y la colorr negro. Carro y Maciake. Rpunsol. casa y un Amarakin gril dol y Woch y una Noell sticres. Y Marcadores.


Querido Santa,

¿Es cierto que los duenadas te ayudan? Plesa may I have a Bitty Baby and Joss. I whued also like Branue Naelpalish. I ernd it because I helpt my Grama!

Love you,


Querido Santa,

For crismis I wood like 1000 cnetik Bedes and a Patry weyl and a Paint set and a sinnr and sine flor Puzzl Mrmad illid game ¿como vuelan tus rrenos?

May you Plies brig My sistr a dolfin blakit for crismis?

love Olive

Querido Santa,

santa yo qero un caro de cotol y tamn cero un chamara y tamn un juego de Iman ¿santa comos haces Volar tus reindeer? poce yo lo Meresco poc yo le ayudo a cosnar. mi emano cere un ninteno. gasa por los juguetes ce lo det el otro años

Santa yo te amo muhc,

mi erano tamn te amo


Querido Santa,

Por favor.

I woud like a unacorn with wings thet can flies a mia and me set in sesene thee, a pegusis thet can flie. grasias por el ozodt. I have bin tacking the dishis out.

Como estas?

Love caroline,

caroline Heller

Querido Papá Noel,

camstaM tu reno Pregunta cero un LOL una muñeca i otro Gato chiquito una casa Para mi muñeca i otar muñeca i Gersi Povor PaPá Noel me Poede Ben teni me carna.

Con amor,


Querido Santa,

I have ben rle Gud

I wont un carro u itecnric to ridin ilit.


mere crismis Santa.

grascas Santa

I love the hot wels ras trac theat you gav me last year.

for AL Macker

My bradr for Christmas he wos a ant farm.

Sincerely, AL Macker Woodymacker

Querido santa,

is it chruw that yur eLfs heLps yu daLivur presit?

Mi crismi List I wut two umerucindols and on mi crsmis List I wut Lagos. Me he portado muy bien porque yo ayuwdo mi mama.

Love Lucy

Querido satclox,

ola sata

Homi estas

yo cedo u na Pel uhce De Pecahcu e taDn en horsay taDen un neteDo swihc

i lic yuy sata

Porce tu te bes muhc cool.


Querido Santa,

¿tus renos comen samdiorias?

Por favor puedo dos caros tamete dos cotroles. tameteno sico sudredes para mi familia. Feliz Navidad Santa

Con amor,


Querido papa Noel,

Espero que estes bien. como los venados velan. me puedes traer un indominus rex por favor.

te voy a dar galletas. Cuidate mucho.

con amor,


Querido Santa,

wut is yor favrit culr?

this year I want sum chikens. this year I want chickens beekus they will giv me eggs! thanks for the presens last year! [Heart]! I deesrv presens this year beekus I am beeing good

Last year I rilly liket the hoky set you brot me!

Fergus hannon

Querido Sata,

Me ecstalia tener una Amangas asul i una Amngas negro i una Amagas blanco

Me he Portado muy bien porque lave las trsates eila kamas

Lor Thiago


Querido papa noel,

Se que estar muy ocupado leyendo muchas cartas, pero igual envio mi carta, tengo dos preguntas para ti!!! ¿como has estado? ¿como te ha ido con la pandemia? este año me he portado bastante bien? por lo tanto me gustaria que por favor me regalaras un carro grande a control remoto y un bote a control remoto. por favor, con cariño


Dear Santa,

Why do you have elves? how do you deliver ol ov the presint?

Please may I have a baby cat?

This is the way I am going to car for it.

I will giv it milk win it is yong and wotr win it is old.

I will clen its litr box. I will gitt it a bed.

I have bin kind to my brother.

I didit ylel win I didit eat my dinnr

Mary crismis


Querido Santa,

hao do or elves? hPo you? plizes can I haf a bac cat Iv ben rile gad bi halpeng mi mama Qyiero on micrfono.




Maestra Kelly Keefe, Munger Mountain Elementary School

Querido Santa,

Felis Navidad! Espero que estes bien. Como esta la Sra. Claus. Por favor puedes traeme un barbie camper, skipper, small pillow, stacey.


Lexie Comds

Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Como estan tus elfos? Por favor puedes traerme Lego speed boat, lego mario, lego ninjago the last battle, Lego Kix!

Tu amigo,

Fletcher Cozzens

To Santa,

Merry Christmas. How big are the elves? Can I ples have a electric guitar, and a brdehaws, and a dron.


Sam Dearing

Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Espero que estes bien. Por favor, puedes traerme pijamas, calcetins, dragon and pacimon.

Tu amigo,


Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Como estas? Por favor puedo tener un barbie, una casa de barbie, y un zorro con ojos de color. Gracias!

Tu amiga,

Yessenia Hernandez- Gonzalez

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want muchas cosas and cars. Gracias!



Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Como esta la Sra. Claus? Por favor puedo tener una L.O.L doll, una bata. Gracias!

Tu amiga,

Isabella Juarez Maya

Querido Santa,

Como esta la Sra. Claus? Por favor puedo tener una muneca, libros, y comfy blanket. Gracias!

Con amor,

Lizeth Loaeza

Querido Claus,

Feliz Navidad! Como estas? Por favor puedo tener two Barbie packs and stuffi cheetah also a LOL!

Tu amiga,

Yaretzi Montiel

Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Espero que estes bien. Por favor puedes traerme un carro i un Monster trck i un juguete de los planetas i un juguete de una moto. Gracias

Te quiero, tu amgo

Marco Munoz

Querido Santa

Felis Navidad! Como esta la Sra. Claus? Por favor, puedo tener L.O.L. toy, OMG toy, piggie and Gerald books, make-up, + apples to apples game.


Maxine Oda

Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Como esta la Sra. Claus? Por favor, puedo tener una LOL y una bolta. Gracias!

Con amor,

Giselle Perez

Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Como esta tus renos? Por favor puedees traerme wild horseback rider, baby stuff, another horseback rider, some more money $100 $5 $10. Gracias!

Tu amiga,

Jade Petrick

Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Como estas? Por favor, puedes traerme un moto, un hamster, pequenos ladrillos y una sorpresa.

Te quiero Santa,

Dominic Robles

Querido Santa,

Por favor puedo tener drago neag, zombie toy, alien toy y robot. Feliz Navidad!


Eddison Sanchez

Der mistr C.

I wood laegc too se your rain deer. I mis you.


August Toal

Querido Santa,

Feliz Navidad! Como esta la Sra. Claus? I want from you is a stuffy pinguino and a grle priness toy.

Con amor,

Dewi Douville

Querido Santa,

Como esta? Feliz Navidad! Como estan tus elfos? Por favo puedes traerme Batman tower, Batman mobile, toy forky, and a Star Wars baby Yoda.

Your friend,

Dekai Douville

2020 Letters to Santa

Ian Vazquez-Roldan, Mrs. Harland’s first grade class, Colter Elementary School.

Ms. Ellery Leeds, Colter Elementary School

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is elfe? What I want for Ckrismis is a mandlorein lego set and a dog lego set.



Dear Santa,

How are you? Wot I wont is a nintando swich. And a lego mario set Plese!


Sam Peters

Dear Santa,

How are the elfs? And how are the rander? I wont a red ninja woch and a ninja diyreu.



Dear Santa,

How are u dwing wel I as dwing good. How the elf are dowing? Wat I want frum ksims is a dog and now aksihn figr.


Max Corona

Dear Santa,

How are your rander? Wut I wond for Crismus is a christmas dres. Wut is your rander nam? How is misis Klos?

A nuther theng I wod like for Crismus is a sno globe with my famele.



Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? How is ms Clos? I wud laick for toys a hachimol and thanc you.


Camila Fernandes

Dear Santa,

Hi! Santa what’s the north pole like? How are the elves? What does Ms. Cluls do? Santa, for Chrstmas I would like an LOL doll and a gumboll michin. Thank you so much!


Louise Merritt

Thanks agign

Dear Santa,

How is misiscloss and the rander? May I ples have tow OMG dols and my I ples have to litle sisters LOLs.

Thank you!



Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Are your ran deer doowing god? Hoow is your favrit elf? I wod like a morbl set and a gum bolset. Thanc yow!


Evelyn Barkley

Dear Santa,

How are the rander? How are the elfs? I wud wont aho-attak and a remewt cinchrl car.



Der Santa,

How are you Santa? Do you hav Rudof is Rudof nos gloening? I wot makeup and pupes and a borbes.


Milly Statter

Caroline Ryan, Moran Elementary School

Dear Santa,

How is the elf doing? Miy cosmos list is Thing 1 and Thing 2 and baby Yoda and Millenium Falcon. I hop yo r doing gub.

Love, Landon

Dear Santa,

How arn you How arn the elf How arn the weather I want a WWE toys.

Love, Owen

Dear Santa,

May I please have a mountain goot stuffed animal and an elk?

Love, Dean

Dear Santa,

I would like a teeny tiny stuffed anppy? Can I have a Zoom call?

Love, Tabitha

Dear Santa.

Coulb I plea hrasn



Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are the elves? Can I pleases hav a bokgons?



Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer boing? May I pleas have a stuffed turtle?



Dear Santa,

How are the elves? For Christmas, I would like sum transformers and maebee a few bakagons.



Mrs. Ryland Aronowitz, Jackson Elementary School

Can I ples have an ipad, squoshmelo, phone, drum set, gine pic, snake, parit, stufe, map, pikchr, puppe?


Can I please have a phone and toowls, and a snake, and a parit, and a puppe? How are the rainder?


Houw are you doing? I wold like a lipgun, parashootmen, snow kitty, bug cage, dog stufy, metell detecter, phone, hot weeis, pocetnife.


New amaruckin girl doll. more frozen figers. The princes in black and the very big problem. An 8th elsa doll. More hair clips. A stufft anamail pegusis. A stufft animal dragon, a stufft anamail phenix. a falcon stufft anamail. 2 candy canes one for my brother. more purses. New paper for my night light.


How ar you Santa? Can I ple3ase have this? 4 LOL dolls, Squishmolo, Playdoh, LOL dolis haws, Umaruckin doll. Uduqurn. And you tow sta at my haws.


How are you Santa: Can I ples have a bobby buney and flowers and a Ipad, baby hamster, cat stufes, shell, fox stufe, ornament, head phone, fish, choclit, rose, to dogs bones. Best Crismis ever.


To Santa how is roodolf? May I please have a stuf monkey, chicken, unicorn, mask, ipad, phone, desc, slime lol doll, flowrs. Are you elfs and rander.

Macy Jane

Dear Santa, I am wishing for a toy motorcycle, I won a new toy tran.


Dear Santa, I wish for a new big bik.


Dear Santa, I am wishing for a barbie house, barbie car, golden coat, golden blush.


I am wishing for barbie house, Happy family during Christmas, golden mask, gole shoes, golden make up.


My Christmas wish list. I wonjt a new rmote control car, I wont a fish towy, a rumoct control dyno a new badre for the motorsuycl. for my stocking a cahnde cane


Dear Santa I am wishing for you to bring me a cat, and a dog and a little cat and a new haws, and a new pool.


Dear Santa Howe are your rader good or bad? Ican I ples have a baby bune and a baby hamstr and two homes for my baby bune and my hamstr. Two Umerican grl doll and a kichin and a dis worst a tree heos and the best Christmas.


Contact Tom Hallberg at 732-7079 or

Tom Hallberg covers a little bit of everything, from skiing to long-form feature stories. A Teton Valley, Idaho, transplant by way of Portland and Bend, Oregon, he spends his time outside work writing fiction, splitboarding and climbing.

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